Monday, 12 September 2011

Slowed down now by the need to go out and earn dollar, nevertheless got some more stuff done, fixed the blown fuse in the grinder and removed the last of the unwanted tabs and the back of the homemade mudguard. Left a bit of this on as it provides a bit of bracing and you won't see it anyway. Seat arrived and it could have been made for the bike, dimensions are perfect. going to use a garden kneeler as foam, bolted through to some marine ply underneath for a bit more rigidity. I've made a list of essentials and desirables, the plan being to get the essentials done, try and get the bastard started and mot'ed, then go back and do the desirables if the motor isn't a clanking smoky heap........or any more than 30 year old SOHC hondas are usually haha.

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