Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Elvis saves the day

Got the front end back on today, leaking fork seal fixed and tapered steering head bearings installed. The bottom cup went in ok, but the top was having none of it. I'd progressed from careful tapping with a wooden drift to vigorous hammering, to no avail. Luckily my mate Elvis Burger King called by on his way back from a surf recce and brought a reviving steak and stilton pasty, took one look at the cup and pointed out that it was home, the ridge I was trying to get it to, 5mm deeper had nothing to do with it!!! I'd just resolved to get a lump hammer to it so his timing was impeccable. Anyway, all on now and swivelling smoothly. Scored the seat hump off of the bay yesterday, so eagerly awaiting that now. Blue suede for seat turned up yesterday along with LEDs to replace idiot lights and altette replica horn. Bad news is front tyre is fubared as well as back, so will be looking for a pair with period tread, like old skool roadrunners or maybe Avon Venoms like its got at the mo.

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