Thursday, 1 September 2011

Moving on

Got some Tomasselli Ace bars off the 'bay which suit my ageing profile as they're not too extreme. Nicked a white faced mini speedo off the Triumph project and a set of cheap as chips chrome headlight supports, got some LED warning lights and just need to find cheap Lucas 7" chrome headlight to mount them in. Stripped the front end and ordered new steering head bearings, tapered as it was still running on balls which were shagged, and new fork seals. Luckily the stanchions were only surface rusted and gaiters and leaking seals had protected the important bits. Otherwise covered the whole front end in nitromors and spent two days wire wooling to get the paint and crud off. For the faint of heart, warning: The motor is not coming out at this stage, and I am working outside under a gazebo, terrible I know, I am horrified at my own slack practices, but I've got no choice as workshop and garage are groaning with Triumphs! :)

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